Dolphin Wave 30 pool robot
  • Dolphin Wave 30 pool robot

Dolphin Wave 30 pool robot

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Recommended for pools up to 15 meters in length.

Cleaning of the bottom, walls and water line.

Dolphin Wave 30 pool robot

Recommended for pools up to 15 meters in length at low depth.

Cleans the bottom, walls and water line. Perfect for small and medium sized commercial pools, the Dolphin Wave 30 is a robust cleaner with large capacities, at an affordable price. Maytronics has designed Dolphin for your leisure hours in a clean, pure and hygienic pool.

The use of Dolphin in the pool allows:

  • Saving water and energy.
  • The prevention of the germination of algae and bacteria.
  • Completely independent - plug and play function.

Dolphin Wave 30 Features and Benefits:

  • Brush, scrub, vacuum and filter the entire pool including the bottom, the walls and the water level line.
  • Advanced software allows efficient cleaning and optimizes the total coverage of the pool.
  • Large built-in filter bag sieves dirt and debris.
  • A swivel joint placed on the cable prevents twisting.
  • Double motor for perfect maneuverability and scanning of the tank regardless of the shape, slope and obstacles on the bottom of the tank.
  • It spreads the chemicals in the pool evenly and reduces the amount of chlorine and other substances used.
  • Low voltage - low power consumption.
  • Automatic shutdown at the end of the cleaning cycle.
  • Avoid obstacles.
  • Motor protection mechanism in case of overload or water exit.
  • Suitable for swimming pools with beach access.

Dolphin Wave 30 pool robot technical details

Working cycle 3 hours
Cable length
18 meters
"Swivel" joint
Prevents twisting of the cable
Filtration Fine filter bag
Motor pump capacity 17 m³/h
Motor Box Voltage 24 V/DC
IOT transformer
Fixed cycle
Degree of protection IP68
Weight 10 kg
Caddy Included
Warranty 36 Months / 3 Years
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