Dolphin Pool Sprite RC pool robot
  • Dolphin Pool Sprite RC pool robot

Dolphin Pool Sprite RC pool robot

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Recommended for pools up to 15 meters in length.

Bottom and wall cleaning.

Dolphin Sprite RC pool robot

Recommended for pools up to 15m in length.

The Dolphin Sprite RC allows you to enjoy peace of mind with the experience of an automatic cleaning. The double traction motor guarantees a complete cleaning of the pool, from the bottom to the water line. The "basic model" remote control allows you to choose between fast or regular cleaning. By selecting the "fast" option, the cleaner cleans the bottom only in 1 hour.

Dolphin Sprite RC Robots Features and Benefits:

  • Brush, scrub, vacuum and filter the entire pool - bottom, walls and water surface in just 3 hours.
  • The remote control allows both automatic and manual operation.
  • Dual motor maneuverability for precise drive and optimal pool coverage.
  • The full filter bag indicator on the feeder ensures cleaning efficiency.
  • Low voltage - low energy consumption.
  • Automatic shutdown at the end of the cycle time.
  • Motor protection mechanism in case of overload and out of the water.
  • Suitable for swimming pools at the entrance to the beach.
  • Reinforced body (like the models of the commercial line).
  • Greater debris containment capacity (+ 20% compared to traditional bodies).
  • Presence of rubber protections in the upper part of the fairing.

Dolphin Sprite RC pool robot technical details

Working cycle 1-3 hours
Cable length 18 meters
Filtration Ultra Fine filter bag
Motor pump capacity 17 m³/h
Motor Box Voltage 24 VCC
Transformer On / Off (diag) + RF = radio frequency for radio control
Degree of protection IP68
Weight 11 kg
Remote control Basic - Setting the parameters and cleaning programs
Caddy Included
Warranty 24 Months / 2 Years
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