Water treatment and sanitation for swimming pools

The importance of the treatment and sanitization of water in the swimming pools is crucial to guarantee a safe and healthy environment for swimmers. The adequate management of the water implies the control of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and algae that could proliferate in aquatic environments. Chemical treatments, such as chlorine, are commonly used to eliminate harmful microbes and maintain water quality.

Effective sanitization not only prevents skin and eye infections, but also contributes to preventing the spread of diseases transmitted by the water. The constant surveillance of pH levels, efficient filtration and implementation of advanced technologies are equally fundamental. The treatment and sanitization of the water of the swimming pools through salt systems represent a modern and ecological solution.

This innovative approach eliminates the use of traditional chemicals, exploiting the disinfectant power of the chlorine generated through the electrolysis of salt. A safe and efficient method to guarantee a healthy and sustainable seaside experience.

Water treatment and sanitation for swimming pools

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