Poolex Poolican 4 in 1
  • Poolex Poolican 4 in 1
  • Poolex Poolican 4 in 1
  • Poolex Poolican 4 in 1
  • Poolex Poolican 4 in 1
  • Poolex Poolican 4 in 1
  • Poolex Poolican 4 in 1
  • Poolex Poolican 4 in 1

Poolex Poolican 4 in 1

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The Poolex Poolican 4 in 1 contains 4 technologies necessary for the functioning of a swimming pool: Circulation, filtration, heating and sanitization through salt electrolysis. 4 functions, 1 machine only.


Poolex Poolican 4 in 1

What if a simple Poolican made your life easier?

Are you overwhelmed with all the equipment you need to keep your cleaning clean and functional? We at Poolex have answered your concerns. The Poolican, an intuitive device, brings together 3 essential elements for a healthy pool. And it goes even further with a 4th element that ensures bathers' comfort with water always at the right temperature: the heat pump!

The treatment of your pool is entirely taken care of by a single device! The Poolican is a compact device that is placed near the pool and plugs into a power outlet. Inside there is a circulation pump, a cartridge filter, salt electrolysis and a 5 kW Full Inverter and reversible heat pump. Once installed, you can easily control your pool from your smartphone.

Do you want to adopt a more civic routine? Poolex supports you in your approach. Thanks to the chlorinator, the treatment of your pool is more natural, no more inconveniences of chemical products. The heat pump is equipped with Full Inverter functionality for continuous operation without consumption peaks, which significantly reduces energy consumption.

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Main features Poolex Poolican 4 in 1

1. Circulation pump: The basis of comfort for swimming in the pool

Since it's best not to have standing water, the main role of the circulation pump is to keep the pool water moving. Thanks to this, the electrolysis treatment is also distributed evenly throughout the tank. Essential to good pool health, a circulation pump transports pool water to the filtration system.

The pump motor featured in the Poolican has the following features:

Flow rate: 4 m³/h

Power: 0.75 HP

This makes the Poolican suitable for swimming pools with a volume of 25 m³.

2. Antibacterial Filtration: Keep your pool clean without waste

The cartridge filter of the Poolican retains all impurities in the water. The pool stays clean day after day.

  • Washable and antibacterial cartridges: the size of the cartridge is generous to reduce the intervals between its cleaning
  • PureFlow Compatible: A high performance polymer filter that can be used over and over again. Always cheaper.

Furthermore, unlike sand filters that require "counter-current" cleaning with high water consumption, the Poolican cartridge filter can be cleaned with a simple jet of water.

3. Heating for your pool

The Poolican heat pump is equipped with a Full Inverter system. That is to say, it doesn't wait for the temperature to get too cold or too hot to restart. It runs continuously at low energy and thus avoids any peak consumption. Save up to 80% electricity compared to an electric heater.

4. Salt electrolysis to treat your pool without chemicals

Thanks to its electrolysis, the Poolican naturally disinfects your pool. And what's more, it's practical! Put the salt in the pool water. Electrolysis transforms it into a natural disinfectant (hypochlorite). And this hypochlorite is transformed back into salt in contact with organic compounds (bacteria, cells) and under the effect of light. It thus renews the cycle to return to electrolysis.

You almost never have to add salt. With Poolican electrolysis, the treatment of your pool is natural. So you no longer have problems with chemicals.

Wi-Fi connection and control via Smartphone App

  • Choose the ideal temperature
  • Regulates circulation and filtration
  • Salt electrolysis treatment
  • Plan your uses

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Technical characteristics and dimensions of the Poolex Poolican 4 in 1

Volume of the pool 25 m³
Power supply 230 V/ 50 Hz
Power Max 1,25 kW
Fittings 32/38 mm
Product dimensions 805x405x595 mm
Noise at 10 meters >35 dB
Warranties 2 Years
Filter D 127 x H 235 antibacterial
Pureflow Optional
Heat pump

Air 26 °C

Water 26 °C

Capacity 5 kW
Absorbed power 0,91 kW
COP 5,5
Temperature range 15/40 °C
Operating range -7/43 °C
Refrigerant gas R32
Type of compressor Rotary
Functions Heat / Cool / Auto
Salt electrolysis
Salinity 3,5 g/L
Production rate max 5 g/L
Cell cleaning Polarity reversal
Operating mode 2 modes: Normal / Boost
Flow 2-4 m³/h
Power 0,75 CV

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