Salt electrolysis for swimming pools Chloé CL20
  • Salt electrolysis for swimming pools Chloé CL20
  • Salt electrolysis for swimming pools Chloé CL20

Salt electrolysis for swimming pools Chloé CL20

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Suitable for managing 75 m³ of pool water.

Average production 20 g / H.

Salt electrolysis for swimming pools Chloé CL20

Do not focus on its small size, because Chloé salt electrolyses demonstrate their power through their characteristics. Thanks to the electrolysis process of the salt previously added to the pool, it provides an effective and odorless disinfection and sanitization to the water without the need to add any chemicals and is more gentle on the skin.

The Chloé sterilizer operates from 3.2 g / L of salt present in the water and is available in 4 versions to adapt to treating 35 to 115 m³ of pool water. It also stands out for its different operating modes (Automatic, Wintering or Shock / Shock Chlorination), its simple and intuitive control panel, and above all for its self-cleaning titanium cell with reverse polarity.

Its maintenance is a real breeze as it is equipped with various sensors, such as the detector of the quantity of salt present in the water, which if too low, interrupts the production of natural chlorine. Or the flow sensor, which if it does not detect enough water, stops production to protect the electrolytic cell.

It is also equipped with an automatic cover detection module that automatically limits chlorine production when the pool is covered.

We can encompass the advantages of choosing Chloé salt electrolysis in:

  • Natural disinfection and sanitation without additional chemicals
  • Reversed polarity "Long Life" self-cleaning titanium cell
  • Low salinity operation: 3.2 g / L
  • Flow level detector included
  • 3 modes of operation
  • Salinity and flow level alarm
  • Replacement cell available as a spare (only one cell included in the package)

Main features of Chloé salt electrolysis

Principle of operation

Disinfection / sanitation by electrolysis is a chemical process that transforms the salt present in the water into a disinfectant agent (hypochlorite ions). This hypochlorite is transformed back into salt when it comes into contact with organic compounds (bacteria, cells) or under the effect of light, thus renewing the cycle to pass through the electrolyser again.

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Self-cleaning electrolysis cell

The Chloé salt electrolysis cell is made with ruthenium-coated titanium plates. This surface treatment reduces clogging and is combined with a reverse polarity self-cleaning system.

Flow detector

The Chloé electrolyser is equipped with a flow detector (also known as a flow switch) and a salt level detection system. These two features combined allow you to easily and safely customize chlorine production for optimized cell life.

Shock chlorination mode

Want one-shot shock chlorination? SuperChloro mode allows you to increase chlorine production to 100% for 24 hours to treat your pool immediately.

Technical characteristics of Chloé CL20 salt electrolysis

Suitable for managing 75 m³ of pool water

Production of 20 g / h

50 mm hydraulic connections

Salinity required for operation from 3.2 to 4 g / L

IP 64 protection

Integrated automatic coverage presence detector

Automated self-cleaning cell by polarity inversion

Alarm sensors for too low / high salt level and inadequate water flow

Cell installed horizontally

Control panel dimensions of 230x360x145 mm

Dimensions of the cell with hydraulic connectors of 400x120 mm

How electrolysis works: Automatic / Wintering / Shock chlorination

3-year guarantee on electrolysis and cell

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