Salt electrolysis for pools Sel IN 90
  • Salt electrolysis for pools Sel IN 90
  • Salt electrolysis for pools Sel IN 90
  • Salt electrolysis for pools Sel IN 90
  • Salt electrolysis for pools Sel IN 90
  • Salt electrolysis for pools Sel IN 90
  • Salt electrolysis for pools Sel IN 90
  • Salt electrolysis for pools Sel IN 90
  • Salt electrolysis for pools Sel IN 90

Salt electrolysis for pools Sel IN 90

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The SEL IN 90 electrolysis model is designed for small pools of 90 m³ and produces 20 g/h of natural chlorine.

Salt electrolysis for swimming pools SEL IN 90

Refocus and bring all our attention to the essentials to progress better.

As a new generation electrolysis, Sel IN is a concentration of advanced technologies in a compact electrolysis cell with on-board electronics. The Sel In puts all the frills aside to focus on the essential components that define the quality of an electrolysis. This approach allows it to remain as accessible as possible.

The electronics of this next generation chlorinator are integrated into the cell for ease of installation. A cell that is still ultra-compact to be able to place the device in the smallest possible space.

Like the main electrolysis plates on the market, the electrolysis plates are made of ruthenium/iridium treated titanium with a thickness of 1 mm, guaranteeing a lifespan of 10,000 working hours. Added to this is a cell that is automatically cleaned with polarity reversal. Poolex goes the extra mile to simplify yearly maintenance by providing the necessary accessories for cleaning and winterizing your chlorinator.

The Sel In offers 6 modes of operation calibrated according to the temperature of the pool water, including two Boost modes and a manual "Cover" mode only if the cover remains in place for more than 3 days.

The range is available in 5 models from 4 g/h to 20 g/h to serve pools from 20 to 90 m³. In short, with Sel In electrolysis we can satisfy every type of customer, both those who have an above ground pool and those who have it buried.

We can therefore enclose the strengths of Sel In electrolysis:

  • Natural disinfection by electrolysis
  • Compact and intuitive
  • Compatible connections from 32 to 50 mm
  • Flow Detector
  • Temperature sensor
  • Self-cleaning cell
  • Accessories included: cleaning cap, wintering tube, support bracket.


  1. 5 Years on electrolysis

Main features of Sel In salt electrolysis


Natural water treatment

The principle is simple: it breaks down the salt in the water into chlorine and sodium, a more natural disinfection than chlorine granules or tablets. Electrolysis disinfection is a chemical process that transforms the salt contained in the water into disinfectants (hypochlorite ions). This hypochlorite transforms back into salt when it comes into contact with organic components (bacteria, cells) or under the effect of light, thus renewing the cycle to pass through the electrolyser again.


Ultra compact and easy to install

With its control panel integrated into the cell, Sel In requires little installation space: 20 cm at most. All-in-one equipment also means simplified installation. This next generation chlorinator requires a single connection point to the water circuit.


4 Operating Modes + 2 Boost Modes

The operating modes of Sel In are defined in a more intuitive way. You don't need to be a technician to know which mode to activate, just select the current season: Spring, Summer, Comfort.

And if you have increased usage or a sudden change in weather, simply press the Boost or Boost++ button to boost water disinfection for 24 hours. Your electrolysis will automatically return to its usual treatment at the end of the cycle.


Grounding included

Since every pool system that includes an electrolyser generates static electricity which must be discharged to the ground in order not to end up in the water, we have decided to include it in the Sel In offer. Furthermore, this system also prevents oxidation of metal and steel elements stainless steel that are part of the pool's plumbing system, as well as pool equipment such as the ladder.


Low salinity 3 g/L

In other words, your pool is disinfected with a very low salt level of 3 grams per litre. The Sel IN is an economical piece of equipment. The pool water remains clear without the odors and harmful effects of chemicals.

Technical characteristics and dimensions of the Sel IN salt electrolysers

Reference Sel IN 90
Pool volume 90 m³
Production g/h 20 g/h
Hydraulic connections 50 mm to glue / adapters 32/38 mm
Salinity 3,5 ppm
Isolation protection IPX4
Self-cleaning With adjustable polarity inversion
Alarms Too much/Not enough salt, water flow too low or not fast enough
Cell orientation Horizontal or Vertical
Box size 125x160x190 mm
Dimensions of the Cell Length 40 cm with connectors - DN 50 mm
Mode Automatic / Wintering / Chlorine Shock

Dimensioni sel in.png

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