Dolphin Supreme M5 battery pool robot
  • Dolphin Supreme M5 battery pool robot
  • Dolphin Supreme M5 battery pool robot

Dolphin Supreme M5 battery pool robot

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Recommended for pools up to 15 meters in length.It runs on battery

Bottom and wall cleaning.

Dolphin Supreme M5 Battery pool robot

Recommended for pools up to 15m in length.

Special battery-powered pool cleaner, recommended for pools up to 15m in length of irregular shape and / or with obstacles, such as islands, pillars and bridges. Equipped with built-in gyroscope. Cleans the bottom, walls and swing of the pool. Cordless, battery operated. Dolphin Supreme Liberty precisely cleans pools that other robots can't handle.

With the use of this cleaner you can enjoy:

  • Of a proven and reliable performance, powered by lithium ion battery (LIB).
  • Excellent cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, without intervening.
  • Very easy to operate and maintain.
  • For a quick and easy recharge.
  • The freedom of a cordless cleaner.

Dolphin Supreme Liberty Features and Benefits:

  • Scrub, brush, vacuum and filter the entire pool.
  • The advanced scanning program ensures excellent pool coverage and complete cleaning in an hour and a half, or less.
  • The built-in gyroscope further improves scanning efficiency, accuracy and maneuverability.
  • The obstacle escape mechanism allows continuous operation, without the need for intervention.
  • The charger provides fast and easy charging in just 3 hours.
  • Remote control with selectable cleaning programs and manual operation.
  • The special battery compartment integrated into the motor unit minimizes weight and simplifies operation.
  • The double action brush produces optimal performance. The intensive removal of algae and bacteria leaves the pool water pure and clean, drastically reducing the need to use chemicals.
  • Filtration system accessible from above, for simple and convenient maintenance.
  • The two-tier filtration system covers all pool conditions. The ultra-fine cartridge for daily cleaning also collects dust particles. The large mesh net collects leaves and coarse debris.
  • Wireless remote control, with different cleaning programs, delayed start and manual operation.
  • Easy maintenance, completely "Do It Yourself" (including motor unit), repairable at dealer level.

Technical details for Dolphin Supreme M5 Liberty pool robot

Working cycle 1/1,15/1,50 hours
Gyroscope Incorporated
Floating buoy With 2.5 meter cable and battery indicator
Filtration Roughing Cartridge - Included in the ultra fine cartridge package
Motor pump capacity 17 m³/h
Motor Box Voltage 24 V/DC
Transformer Charger
Degree of protection IP68
Remote control For setting parameters and cleaning programs
Weight 13,2 kg
Caddy Included
Warranty 36 Months / 3 Years (24 months / 2years battery)
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