Dolphin Master M5 pool robot
  • Dolphin Master M5 pool robot

Dolphin Master M5 pool robot

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Recommended for pools up to 12-15 meters in length.

Bottom and wall cleaning.

Dolphin Master M5 pool robot

Recommended for pools up to 12-15m in length.

Robot complete with radio control, for pools up to 12-15 m in length. Double traction motor. It cleans the bottom, walls and water line with maximum precision and minimum maintenance.

Dolphin Master M5 robots features and benefits:

  • Combined brushes suitable for all surfaces.
  • Efficient scanning and cleaning performance.
  • Integrated cartridge filter, collects dirt and debris.
  • Self-contained unit - no pre-installation required, no connection to the pool pump.
  • Small, light and handy.
  • DIY - easy “do it yourself” maintenance - repairable by the dealer.
  • Low voltage motor and minimum energy consumption.
  • Automatic shutdown at the end of the cleaning cycle.
  • Automatic motor protection mechanism in case of overload or water exit.
  • Filter bag clogged and delayed start indicator.
  • Remote control with set-up of parameters and cleaning programs.

Dolphin Master M5 pool robot technical details

Working cycle 2/3/4 hours
Cable length 18 meters
"Swivel" joint Prevents twisting of the cable
Filtration Roughing Cartridge - Included in the ultra fine cartridge package
Motor pump capacity 17 m³/h
Motor Box Voltage 24 V/DC
Transformer With clogged filter indicator + Delayed start
Degree of protection IP68
Remote control For setting parameters and cleaning programs
Weight 11 kg
Caddy Included
Warranty 36 Months / 3 Years
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