Dolphin Supreme M5 Bio pool robot
  • Dolphin Supreme M5 Bio pool robot
  • Dolphin Supreme M5 Bio pool robot
  • Dolphin Supreme M5 Bio pool robot
  • Dolphin Supreme M5 Bio pool robot

Dolphin Supreme M5 Bio pool robot

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Recommended for pools up to 15 meters in length.

Bottom and wall cleaning.

Dolphin Supreme M5 BIO pool robot

Provides excellent cleaning performance for pools of less than 15 meters in length.

This cleaner combines Dolphin design and proven technology with other special functions needed to clean organic and natural pools. It integrates the purifying action of the biological regeneration area by brushing the bottom and other debris, through the internal filter or the external suction tube. Relax and enjoy your pool, while Dolphin Bio Suction cleans thoroughly automatically and without damaging the flora and fauna of the pool.

Maximum hygiene- An exclusive triple brush system, consisting of two "Bio Brushes" and an additional double speed rotating brush, ensures efficient elimination of dirt, algae and bacteria, even if the bottom and walls are very slippery and irregular.

Easy maintenance and low costs - Highly efficient automated cleaning that saves time, effort and money compared to manual cleaning. It also helps to maintain the quality and biological balance of the water, which can therefore be used for longer.

Different filtration and suction modes for each pool - An exclusive choice has 3 internal and external filtration modes with suction by means of an auxiliary pump, which guarantees the removal of dust and debris in all conditions, from ordinary daily cleaning to the most extreme.

Easy to use system, with intuitive selection of different modes. Reliable and simple operation. - State-of-the-art technologies that ensure exact scanning and very efficient cleaning - even in corners and curves and even on stone backdrops. The built-in gyroscope and intelligent sensors, which identify the nearby walls and allow the robot to avoid the regeneration area, ensure total coverage of the pool in minimal time, without interruptions.

Set and let it go -The weekly timer that allows you to choose the cleaning time, and the remote control with delayed start and the choice of various programs offer total versatility in cleaning the pool.

Technical details Dolphin Supreme M5 BIO pool robot

Working cycle 2/3/4 hours
Cable length
18 meters
"Swivel" joint
Prevents twisting of the cable
Filtration Fine Cartridge - Included in the package ultra fine cartridge and roughing cartridge
Gyroscope Incorporated
Suction tube Incorporated suction kit for connection to external tube (the tube is to be purchased separately)
Motor pump capacity 17 m³/h
Motor Box Voltage 24 V/DC
Transformer With clogged filter indicator + delayed start
Degree of protection IP68
Remote control For setting parameters and programs for cleaning, delayed start and manual operation
Weight 10,5 kg
Caddy Included
Included 24 Months / 2 Years
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