Dolphin Wave 100 pool robot
  • Dolphin Wave 100 pool robot

Dolphin Wave 100 pool robot

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Recommended for pools up to 25 meters in length.

Cleaning of the bottom, walls and water line.

Dolphin Wave 100 pool robot

Recommended for pools up to 25 meters in length.

The best value for money for cleaning commercial pools.

Fully automated, highly effective cleaning for swimming pools (hotels, campsites, schools, etc.). the advanced gyro system ensures accurate scanning for systematic cleaning of the bottom, walls, and waterline. The space for high-capacity filtration captures all dirt, dust and other debris, leaving clear and clean water everywhere at the end of the cleaning cycle.

Robust and professional robots, for all types, shapes and sizes of swimming pools, for cleaning the most demanding dirt, long-lasting and economical operation. The Dolphin cleaning robots of the Commercial series by Maytronics are the proven and professional solution for every commercial swimming pool: from small public swimming pools to large swimming facilities, with the best value for money.

Advanced technologies ensure complete scanning of the entire pool with highly efficient brushing and filtration for the entire duration of the cleaning cycle.

They work completely automatically, leaving the pool water clear and clean after each work cycle and do not require intervention by the staff, who can devote themselves to other tasks.

Total cleaning of the pool

The exclusive gyroscopic system determines an accurate and effective scan for systematic cleaning of the entire pool. The intelligent scanning system ensures a total cleaning of the pool.

Maximum hygiene

Complete brushing efficiently removes algae and bacteria, improving water quality.

Advanced filtration system with 3 levels of porosity

3 levels of porosity: fine, ultra-fine and disposable for all types of pools and seasons. 20% more filtering capacity, leaving the pool water free of hair, dust, insects and other debris.

Simple to use

Fully automatic, with plug & play operation of the radio control, with the adjustment of some optional parameters, such as the departure delay, it adapts to the needs of any swimming pool, and ensures simple and convenient use and maintenance.

Dolphin Wave 100 pool robot technical details

Working cycle 4/6/8 hours
Cable length
30 meters
"Swivel" joint
Prevents twisting of the cable
Filtration Fine filter bag - included in the package: ultra fine filter bag and disposable filter bags
Motor pump capacity 17 m³/h
Motor Box Voltage 24 VCC
With clogged filter indicator
Degree of protection IP68
Weight 12 kg
Gyroscope Incorporated
Remote control For setting parameters and cleaning programs
Caddy Included
Warranty 36 Months / 3 Years
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