Variline 20P swimming pool pumps
  • Variline 20P swimming pool pumps
  • Variline 20P swimming pool pumps

Variline 20P swimming pool pumps

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Variable speed filtration pumps suitable for swimming pools up to 85 m³, with a power of 2.0 HP and hydraulic connections of 2 ".

Variline 20P filtration pumps for swimming pools

Since 2020, Poolex proposes a new range of products to maximize your heat pump performance.

The Variline variable-speed filter pump offers a number of advantages making it your POOLEX heat pump's next best friend:

  • Maximizing your heat pump output thanks to a 24/7 low flow operating function, and enabling a quicker rise in temperature and a better energy-efficient maintenance of the pre-set temperature. Up to 80% of energy saved depending on use.
  • Its 4 programmable speeds are useful in adjusting the filtration flow according to the season and pool usage, be it off-season/peak periods, after schock treatment ou when backwash. Programming the flow at the touch of a button on the control pannel makes pool maintenance so much easier!
  • From another standpoint, a low flow has the advantage of allowing the sand filter to work more in depth and avoid clogging.

So we can enclose the advantages in the following points:

  1. Optimize the performance of your heat pump
  2. Quiet below 45 dB
  3. Also compatible to replace other models of other brands
  4. Equipped with 4 programmable variable speeds
  5. Digital control panel

Why use a variable speed filtration pump?

Your filtration pump transfers your pool water through the filter and through your heat pump. However, the output levels may vary depending on swimming periods and pool treatment.


Running a variable speed pump at 50% for 24 hours instead of an On / Off pump for 8 hours saves approximately 80% energy.


At a slow speed, sound levels are divided by 4 compared to a constant-speed pump.

Better filtration

As water passes more slowly through the filter, filtering is improved and the filter does not become clogged as quickly.

Increased lifetime

As the motor and compressor do not run continually at full capacity, they are used less, heat less and wear less quickly.

Variline 20P filtration pumps technical details

Suitable for pools up to 85 m³

Power: 2.0 HP

Hydraulic connectors: Ø 2 "x2"

Synchronous type motor with permanent magnets

Output: 80%

Speed modulation from 450 to 3450 RPM

Flow rate at about 10 meters of 24.3 m³ / h

Maximum flow rate of 29 m³ / h

Maximum head distance 25 meters

Power supply Single-phase 230 V - 50 Hz

Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 605x270x338

Maximum absorbed electrical voltage of 8 A

3 YEARS warranty

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