Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools
  • Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools

Megaline FI 75 heat pump for public pools

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Heat pump for public or large swimming pools.

Compressor with R32 refrigerant gas.

Full Inverter technology.

Wifi control system.

Heat pumps for swimming pools Megaline Fi 75 kW

At Poolex, we understand that heating is a key issue for communities and represents a major expense. That's why we designed the Megaline Fi heat pump.

Thanks to its components selected from the biggest brands on the market and intelligent electronic management, Megaline Fi adapts to the most demanding conditions of use.

Equipped with the latest generation of Mitsubishi multi-frequency rotary compressors which optimize energy efficiency. In combination with controlled electricity consumption, this gives the Megaline Fi one of the best COPs on the market. The fan modulates its speed according to the evaporator temperature so as to deliver only the necessary air flow. This intelligent power management significantly reduces energy consumption and operating noise.

The upward ventilation of the Megaline Fi also lowers the sound pressure. This type of ventilation requires little space for installation and the heat pump can be installed close to inhabited places.

Its large multilingual control panel displays all the necessary information for easy use. The advanced functions also allow the visualization of the historical status and error codes. Control of your heat pump is at your fingertips: receive all the important information directly on your smartphone, wherever you are, thanks to the WiFi connection.

Equipped with a stainless steel casing and structure, Megaline Fi is ready to face any challenge. An innovation from Poolex, Megaline Fi includes a structure designed to be lifted and moved, thus facilitating its installation.

Tailored support, from sizing to maintenance, is possible thanks to our network of partner installers who are regularly trained for this type of product.

We can enclose the strengths of the new line of Megaline Fi heat pumps in:

  • Full inverter mode +35% savings
  • R32 ecological gas
  • Silent
  • Structure in stainless steel
  • Optimal performance for large volumes
  • Automatic defrosting by cycle inversion
  • Wifi connection
  • Compatible with salt treatment


  1. 3 YEARS on heat pump components
  2. 7 YEARS on compressor
  3. 15 YEARS on titanium heat exchanger (against corrosion)

Main features of the Megaline Fi 75 swimming pool heat pump

Pompa di calore per piscine Platinium Mini Fi

Inverter mode technology +35% savings on electricity costs

Popular in the home heating and air conditioning sectors, Full Inverter technology precisely regulates the fan and compressor, transforming the heat pump into an intelligent pump.

Unlike a traditional heat pump, the Full Inverter compressor starts up gradually. If the set temperature is far from the pool temperature, an automatic controller increases the heat pump's capacity for a rapid increase in temperature. During the bathing season, and to maintain the set temperature, the heat pump operates at reduced power.

This constant operation means that the Full Inverter heat pump operates more stably and protects the compressor from unwanted starts and stops, with energy savings of over 35%.

Pompa di calore per piscine Megaline Fi

Plus Mitsubishi rotary compressors

In this large volume heat pump, Megaline Fi is equipped with multi-frequency rotary compressors, which create the necessary compression of the refrigerant gas for the heating and cooling action. This type of compressor optimizes the operation of the heat pump, obtaining a COP of around 7.5 and significantly reducing noise.

Pompa di calore per piscine Megaline Fi

Stainless steel construction and powder coated galvanized steel panels

The optimization of the Megaline Fi has been thought through right down to the packaging of the heat pump. The structure is designed in stainless steel and the ventilation panels in powder-coated galvanized steel. Materials and finishes recognized for their weather resistant quality and their resistance to corrosion. Outdoors, in the mountains and by the sea, Megaline Fi is made with the best materials to cope with all climatic and environmental conditions.

Pompa di calore per piscine Megaline Fi

Integrated WiFi connection

As a heat pump, regardless of its capacity, must be just as easy to use, the Poolex Megaline Fi can be controlled via your smartphone via WiFi using a control panel located on the heat pump.

Pompe di calore per piscine Megaline Fi

Amazing acoustic performance

The Full Inverter technology, the oversized compressor and the variable speed fan on the Megaline Fi not only affect the performance of this large volume heat pump. These components, associated with the upward ventilation, play an important role in the acoustic performance of the heat pump. Emitting vibrations comparable to a television at 1 meter and whispering at 10 meters, Megaline Fi amazes with its silent side.

Technical characteristics of the Megaline FI 75 pool heat pump

Model Megaline Fi 75

Air 26 °C
Water 26 °C

Mode Inverter

Thermal power (kW) 24.3-102
Consumption (kW)

Air 15°C
Water 26°C

Mode Inverter

Thermal power (kW) 17.8-75
Consumption (kW) 2.4-15.1
COP 4.96-7.55
Power supply 380-415 V / 50Hz
Heating temperature range 15-40 °C
Cooling temperature range 8-28 °C
Operating range -15 °C - 43 °C
Maximum absorbed power 30 kW
Dimensions of the appliance LxLxA (mm) 1252x1076x1865
Weight of the appliance (kg) 450
Sound pressure level at 1 meter (dBA) <71
Sound pressure level at 10 meters (dBA) <41
Hydraulic fitting (mm) PVC 50 mm
Heat exchanger Twisted Tech titanium
Water flow (m³/h) 30
Compressor brand Mitsubishi
Type of compressor Inverter Rotary
Number of compressor 1
Refrigerant gas R32
Mode Eco Booster & Eco Silence (inverter) /Heating / Cooling down

Dimensions of the heat pump for swimming pools Megaline Fi 75

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