Heat pumps for public pools Megaline FI

The Megaline FI is a new generation heat pump dedicated to public swimming pools.

We know that heating is a major expense for public swimming pools. This is why we have designed the Megaline FI heat pump.

The Full Inverter technology that equips Megaline FI heat pumps allows it to adapt its power according to the set temperatures. Compressors and fans modulate their frequencies in real time to deliver only the energy needed, thus reducing energy consumption and sound pressure for discreet operation.

The Megaline FI has a large format intuitive touchscreen control panel and the heat pump can be controlled via the Tuya Smart app from anywhere.

Dressed in a stainless steel casing and frame, the Megaline Fi are ready to take on any challenge. Its new generation of Mitsubishi compressors use R32 refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly and more efficient compared to R410.

Its large hydraulic connections allow it to naturally adapt to the flow constraints of existing public structures.

Convinced of the excellence of this product line, we have decided to extend the premium guarantees to this line as well.

Heat pumps for public pools Megaline FI

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