Platinium Mini FI heat pumps for swimming pools

A bold ABS design and available in 3 powers to meet the needs of most pools up to 65m³.

In line with the Platinum model, flagship of the Poolex brand, the Platinium Mini and its original design blend harmoniously into the architecture of your garden.

Available in 3 powers for pools with a maximum volume of 65 m³, the Platinum Mini is equipped with all the features for which Poolex heat pumps are renowned: Full Inverter technology, WiFi control and LED indicators.

With Full Inverter technology, the heat pump works more stably to always stay close to the set temperature, avoiding peaks and energy consumption.

The Platinium Mini is a quiet pump that can be proudly displayed in its outdoor space. Its vertical ventilation allows the used air to be evacuated away from the area on which it is located, thus saving considerable installation space.

The integrated LED indicators give it a pure touch of elegance by having a more useful feature than: the instant display of the operating status of the pump.

GREEN: the target temperature has been reached

BLUE: Your pool is heating up

RED: The heat pump is not running or has a problem that requires technical intervention

Easily control your Platinium Mini from your smartphone screen thanks to the WiFi connection built into the heat pump control panel.

Platinium Mini FI heat pumps for swimming pools

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