Nano Turbo Premium heat pump for pools
  • Nano Turbo Premium heat pump for pools
  • Nano Turbo Premium heat pump for pools
  • Nano Turbo Premium heat pump for pools
  • Nano Turbo Premium heat pump for pools

Nano Turbo Premium heat pump for pools

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Heat pump for swimming pools up to 21 m³.

Compressor with R32 refrigerant gas.

Reversible function to heat and cool the pool water.

Heat pumps for pools Nano Turbo 3 kW


Even more efficient, the Nano Turbo outclasses its competitors with its reversible mode and its ability to heat and cool a pool. This heat pump works down to -5 ° C.

With its 32/38 mm and 1" fittings, it can be connected in seconds to all conventional filtration systems, whether in an above-ground, in-ground pool or even in a spa.

Just plug it into an electrical outlet and let the pool water heat up.

Designed as a Premium heat pump, the Nano Turbo inherits all the performance of Poolex in an ultra compact size and its weight allows it to be easily moved.

We can enclose the strengths of the new Nano Turbo heat pump line in:

  • Plug & Play
  • Compact and economical
  • Compatible with all above ground pools
  • Reversible
  • Operation down to -5 ° C
  • Safe electrical connection
  • Transportable (weight approx.20 kg)


  1. 3 YEARS on heat pump components
  2. 5 YEARS on compressor
  3. 10 YEARS on titanium exchanger (exclusively against corrosion)

Main features of the Nano Turbo pool heat pump

Pompa di calore per piscine Nano Reversibile

Reversible Hot / Cold

The Nano Turbo has nothing to envy to larger heat pumps. With its reversible functionality, it has the ability to cool your pool as much as it can heat it. A particularly useful feature for small pools where the water temperature tends to rise rapidly in the sun, fueling the growth of algae on the towel.

Pompa di calore per piscine Nano Reversibile

Plug & Play

Thanks to its Plug & Play functionality, the Nano Turbo can be installed quickly with a simple connection to an electrical outlet. It does not require any Bypass. The 5 meter long cable features a 10mA differential protection for safe use.

Pompa di calore per piscine Nano Action

Ultra compact

As a heat pump dedicated to small pools, the Nano Turbo remains discreet with its compact size and easily installs next to the pool whenever needed.

With an optimal COP comparable to that of a Standard heat pump, the 3 kW Nano Turbo is a real economical alternative to the electric heater.

Technical characteristics of the Nano Turbo 3 kW pool heat pump

Model Nano Turbo 3 for swimming pools from 10 to 21 m³

Air 26 °C
Water 26 °C

Thermal Power (kW) 3.01
Consumption (kW)
COP (coefficient of performance)

Air 15°C
Water 26°C

Thermal Power (kW) 2.20
Consumption (kW) 0.49
COP (coefficient of performance) 4.51

Air 35 °C
Water 26 °C

Cooling power (kW) 1.83
Consumption (kW)
Maximum current (A) 3.99
Maximum power (kW) 0.90
Power supply 220-240 V / 50Hz
Heating temperature range 15-40 °C
Operating range -5 °C - 43 °C
Appliance dimensions LxWxH (mm) 400x280x385
Appliance weight (kg) 18
Sound pressure level at 10 meters (dBA) <33
Hydraulic fitting (mm) PVC 32/38 mm
Heat exchanger Serpentine in titanium
Water flow (m³/h) 2
Compressor type Rotary
Refrigerant gas R32
Refrigerant content (kg) 0.18
Control Panel Backlit control screen
Mode Heating and Cooling

Dimensions of the Nano Turbo heat pump 3

Pompe di calore per piscine Nano Turbo

Accessories included with the Nano Turbo 3 pool heat pump

Pompe di calore per piscine Nano Action Reversibile


Italian instruction manual

Italian instruction manual Nano Turbo Premium

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