Millenium Side pool filters Ø 560 mm
  • Millenium Side pool filters Ø 560 mm

Millenium Side pool filters Ø 560 mm

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Sand filter for pools with a diameter of 560 mm without selector valve included and filtration flow rate of 12 m³ / h.

Millenium Side pool filters Ø 560 mm

The Millennium filter range is characterized by the fact that the filters are molded in a single piece - without joints - of anticorrosive plastic and also by the fact that they are filters that together with a seductive and modern design (thanks to the stylized shapes and an external part of beige color) guarantee operational reliability and minimal maintenance.

Since they are designed to satisfy any type of filtration need in residential swimming pools, they are available in different diameters according to the volume of water they have to filter, and at the same time they are equipped with everything that is necessary for you to have one of the best AstralPool filters.

Main features of Millenium Side pool filters

  • Filter body in unalterable plastic resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents. Made to work with the elements.
  • Standard equipment with the new generation Astralpool 1 "1/2 6 + 1 way selector valve with bayonet closure for filtration, washing, rinsing, recirculation, emptying, closing and wintering operations.
  • Internal upper diffuser to ensure good water distribution over the filter bed.
  • Transparent cap to facilitate visual inspection and access to the inside of the filter if it is a side valve.
  • Internal connections of 1 "1/2 for constant efficiency.
  • Manual air cleaner to let the air out of the inside of the filter if necessary.
  • Manual water purifier in the cylinder body for easy drainage without sand leaks.
  • In the lower part there is a manifold thanks to the arms to ensure a balanced flow and the washing of the filter.
  • Pressure gauge for filter washing control.
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Excellent performance and reliability

Millenium filters are designed to satisfy the most demanding people. They can filter from 5.5 to 12 m³ / h with a filtration rate of 50 m³ / h / m². They are also equipped with the AstralPool 6 + 1 position selector valve which allows filtration, washing, rinsing, recirculation, emptying and closing of the filter. A valve so safe that it is used in most of the AstralPool filters.

Seductive design

It is not only important that the filter is safe and of excellent performance, the team of the AstralPool research and development group is also concerned with being able to give a seductive design without compromising in quality. The shape, texture and colors are the result of many tests which have resulted in an excellent product with a seductive design.

Tutte queste caratteristiche trasformano questi filtri nella scelta ideale al momento di attrezzare qualsiasi tipo di piscina privata, sia interrata che fuori terra.

Technical characteristics of Millenium Side pool filters

Length D (mm) 560
Height H (mm) 770
Length M (mm) 380
Height N (mm) 255
Hydraulic connections 1" 1/2
Filtration flow (m³/h) 12
Recommended pool volume (m³) Up to 100 m³
Load of sand (kg) 110 kg
Work pressure (kg/cm²) 2 kg/cm²
Net weight (kg) 17,5 kg


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