Heat pump for pools Silverline FI 90
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  • Heat pump for pools Silverline FI 90
  • Heat pump for pools Silverline FI 90
  • Heat pump for pools Silverline FI 90
  • Heat pump for pools Silverline FI 90

Heat pump for pools Silverline FI 90

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Heat pump for swimming pools up to 50 m³.

Integrated Full Inverter technology to reduce electricity consumption by 35% annually.

Compressor with R32 refrigerant gas.

Equipped with integrated Wi Fi module for use of the heat pump via remote APP.

Heat pumps for Silverline Fi 90 swimming pools

Pompe di calore per piscine Silverline Fi

Suitable for swimming pools up to 50 m³

Strengthened by his past success, the Poolex Silverline are now available with full inverter technology. This improves its performance and further reduces consumption to lower the electricity bill. Now you can enjoy your swimming pool from spring to autumn without large additional costs.

With Full Inverter technology, FI Silverline have the opportunity to vary the speed of the compressor and the fan in continuous mode without consumption peaks. This type of reduced frequency regime can reduce electricity consumption of up to 30% in one year.

Its use, however, remains equally simple thanks to its LED control panel on which it is possible to control and monitor, at any time, the status of your heat pump. For your convenience, Poolex has integrated a remote control system via wifi and the possibility of moving the display with a 10 -meter cable extension. So that you can account for your distance heat pump without any difficulty.

In addition, its external carcass in ABS anti-UV treaty makes the heat pump light and at the same time resistant to external atmospheric agents to last over time.

We can enclose the strengths of the new line of silverline heat pumps fi in:

  • Full inverter mode that allows you to save up to 35% on electrical costs
  • Reversible
  • Ultra silent
  • Automatic defrosting for cycle inversion
  • Twisted Tech heat exchanger in titanium
  • Compatible with treatment of electrolysis in salt for swimming pools
  • Carcass in ABS


  1. 2 years on heat pump components
  2. 5 years on compressor
  3. 15 years on titanium exchanger (against corrosion)

Main features of the heat pump for Silverline Fi 90 swimming pools

Pompa di calore per piscine Silverline Fi

Inverter Moduity technology +35% savings on electrical costs

Do you know the "Cruise Control" in a car? It automatically models its performance based on the set speed. This allows not to vary too much the engine turns and reduce the risk of excessive fuel consumption.

The same goes with full inverter technology. Two main components of the heat pump have the ability to adapt their frequency and operating speed to real conditions. The full inverter Poolex Silverline FILULine heat pump modulates its power according to the heating needs. In this way, consumption peaks are avoided and electricity consumption is reduced.

His fan, in turn, adapts to the effort provided by the compressor. Thanks to these two elements capable of modulating their level of operation, your heat pump works constantly and controlledly. So you can benefit from an economic and ultra silent equipment.

Pompa di calore per piscine Silverline Fi

Silent and cheap

With its full inverter technology, Silverline FI's sound pressure decreases when your swimming pool has reached the set temperature. The heat pump adapts its power to keep your swimming pool at the right temperature, the compressor makes you forget that the pump is in operation and the fan speed is reduced.

The compressors and fans with soft start and variable frequency avoid any consumption peak, allowing energy saving up to 35% in 1 year.

Pompa di calore per piscine Silverline Fi

Reversible Hot/Cold

Thanks to its reversible functionality, Silverline FI has the ability to cool and heat your pool water. This is particularly useful for small above ground pools where the water tends to heat up rapidly under the action of the sun's rays, with the risk of algae spreading on the sheet.

Pompe di calore per piscine Silverline Fi

Integrated Wi-Fi connection

Since a heat pump, regardless of its capacity, must be equally easy to use, Poolex equips all its heat pumps with Wi Fi functionality. All the information displayed on the control panel is also available on your smartphone.

Technical characteristics of the Silverline FI 90 pool heat pump

Heat pumps suitable for swimming pools up to 50 m³

Efficiencies Air 26 °C/Water 26 °C

Thermal power (kW): 2.23-9.2 kW

Power in inverter mode (kW): 2.23-4.75 kW

Consumption (kW): 0.16-1.46 kW

Consumption in inverter mode (kW):0.16-0.47 kW

COP (coefficient of performance): 6.3-13.9

Efficiencies Air 15 °C/Water 26 °C

Thermal power (kW): 1.4-6.4 kW

Power in inverter mode (kW): 1.45-3.54 kW

Consumption (kW): 0.22-1.44 kW

Consumption in inverter mode (kW): 0.22-0.55 kW

COP (coefficient of performance): 4.4-6.3

Efficiencies Air 35 °C/Water 27 °C

Cooling power (kW): 4.0 kW

Consumption (kW): 1.04 kW

EER (refrigerant efficiency): 3.8

Efficiencies Air 15 °C/Water 26 °C (on/off mode)

Thermal power (kW): 6.4 kW

Consumption (kW): 1.44 kW

COP (Coefficient of Performance): 4.4

Maximum absorbed power (kW): 1.83 kW

Maximum absorbed current (A): 10 A

Electrical supply: Single phase 220-240 V / 50 Hz

Protection: IPX4

Settable heating temperature range: between 15 and 40 °C

Settable cooling temperature range: between 8 and 28 °C

Operating range: -7°C to 43°C

Sound pressure level at 1 meter: 37-51 dBA

Sound pressure level at 10 meters: 19-30 dBA

Hydraulic fittings: 50 mm PVC - 1" 1/2

Heat exchanger: Twisted titanium coil

Optimal water flow: between 3 and 4 m³/h

Compressor brand: Toshiba - GMCC

Compressor type: Hermetic rotary DC inverter

Refrigerant gas: R32 (Load about 0.45 kg)

Fan motor: DC variable speed fan motor

Display/Remote Control: Wired backlit LCD control screen

Operation Mode: Eco Booster & Eco Silence (inverter) / Heating / Cooling

Dimensions of the Silverline FI 90 heat pump

Dimensioni pompa di calore Silverline Fi 70/90/120

Accessories included with the Silverline FI 90 pool heat pump
Copertura invernale pompa di calore Silverline Fi Kit supporti antivibranti pompa di calore

Winter cover for pumps

of heat Silverline Fi

Anti-vibration support kit for

feet of the heat pump

Manuale istruzioni multilingua pompe di calore
Inclusive multilingual maintenance kit 50mm 1" 1/2 PVC connectors
Condensate drain pipe Wired display extension cable (10 meters)


Italian instruction manual

Italian instruction manual Silverline FI

Download (1.72MB)
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