Heat pump for pools Q-Line FI 7
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  • Heat pump for pools Q-Line FI 7
  • Heat pump for pools Q-Line FI 7
  • Heat pump for pools Q-Line FI 7
  • Heat pump for pools Q-Line FI 7
  • Heat pump for pools Q-Line FI 7

Heat pump for pools Q-Line FI 7

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Heat pump for swimming pools up to 45 m³.

Integrated Full Inverter technology to reduce electricity consumption by 35% annually.

Compressor with R32 refrigerant gas.

Equipped with integrated Wi Fi module for use of the heat pump via remote APP.

Q-Line FI 7 heat pumps for swimming pools


The Q-Line Poolex at the service of most pool owners.

The average volume of swimming pools has halved over the past 40 years. Today they are about 32 m³ on average. With this volume of water in mind, the Q-Line was born. With the aim of offering a product that is easy to install and use, Poolex has designed a heat pump specifically for 20 m³ pools, incorporating every element of excellence in terms of technology, ergonomics, design and performance.

The Full Inverter technology that equips most Poolex heat pumps allows you to save 30 to 35% of energy in a year, mainly thanks to a compressor and a fan that operate at variable speed. Upward ventilation, which is an important space saver, facilitates the choice of installation space.

From the user's point of view, everything has been thought of to make this heat pump an easy-to-use appliance. Its control panel located on the front of the heat pump can be used via your smartphone using the integrated WiFi module.

The LEDs on its front indicate with a color code if the target temperature has been reached.

Its rounded square design fits any pool style and its ABS casing has the strength needed for a long life.

We can enclose the strengths of the new Q-Line Fi heat pump line in:

  • Ultra silent and economical Full Inverter technology
  • Compact vertical design
  • Upward ventilation
  • LED technology
  • Facade in anti-UV ABS
  • Reversible
  • Compatible with salt electrolysis treatment for swimming pools


  1. 2 YEARS on heat pump components
  2. 5 YEARS on compressor
  3. 15 YEARS on titanium exchanger (against corrosion)

Main features of the Q-Line Fi 7 pool heat pump

Pompa di calore per piscine Q-Line Fi

Inverter mode technology + 35% savings on electricity costs

Do you know the "Cruise Control" in a car? It automatically modulates its performance according to the set speed. This allows you not to vary the engine rpm too much and reduce the risk of excessive fuel consumption.

The same is true with Full Inverter technology. Two main components of the heat pump have the ability to adapt their frequency and speed of operation to real conditions. The Full Inverter Poolex Q-Line Fi heat pump modulates its power according to the heating needs. In this way, consumption peaks are avoided and electricity consumption is reduced.

Its fan, in turn, adapts to the effort provided by the compressor. Thanks to these two elements able to modulate their level of operation, your heat pump works in a constant and controlled way. Thus you will benefit from an economical and ultra quiet equipment.

Pompa di calore per piscine Q-Line Fi

Vertical ventilation

With a vertical vent, the Q-Line Fi offers a significant space saving as it requires less volume to evacuate the outgoing air. Being a vertical project, the heat pump can be installed even in the smallest technical shelter.

Pompa di calore per piscine Q-Line Fi

Facade in anti-UV ABS

Popular in the hardware and decoration industry, ABS has demonstrated good resistance to external elements without compromising its decorative characteristics.

The Q-Line and its rounded square shape adapts to all styles of swimming pools and garden architectures.

Pompe di calore per piscine Q-Line Fi

Indicative LED technology

LED indicators integrated into the front of the heat pump give it a colorful style while providing the most useful technical functionality: instant display of the pump's operating status.

Green: Target temperature has been reached

Blue: the pool is heating up

Red: the heat pump is not running or is in error

Pompe di calore per piscine Jetline Selection Fi

Integrated Wi-Fi connection

As a heat pump, regardless of its capacity, must be just as easy to use, Poolex equips all its heat pumps with Wi Fi functionality. All information displayed on the control panel is also available on your smartphone.

Technical characteristics of the Q-Line FI 7 heat pump for swimming pools

Model Q-Line Fi 7 for pools up to 45 m³
Air 26 ° C
Water 26 ° C

Inverter mode
Thermal Power (kW) 1.35-7.01
Consumption (kW) 0.10-1.09
COP (coefficient of performance) 6.43-12.86
Air 26 ° C
Water 26 ° C

Silent mode
Thermal Power (kW) 1.35-3.97
Consumption (kW) 0.105-0.58
COP (coefficient of performance) 6.84-12.86
Air 15 ° C
Water 26 ° C

Inverter mode

Thermal Power  (kW) 1.02-5.01
Consumption (kW) 0.145-1.11
COP (coefficient of performance) 4.51-7.03
Air 15 ° C
Water 26 ° C

Silent mode
Thermal Power  (kW) 1.02-3.42
Consumption (kW) 0.145-0.65
COP (coefficient of performance) 5.26-7.03

Air 35 ° C
Water 26 ° C


Cooling power (kW) 1.16-3.24
Consumption (kW) 0.261-0.95
EER (coefficient of performance) 3.41-4.44
Maximum power (kW) 1.6
Maximum current (A) 7.10
Power supply 220-240 V / 50Hz
Protection IPX4
Heating temperature range 15-40 °C
Cooling temperature range 8-28 °C
Operating range -10 °C - 43 °C
Appliance dimensions LxWxH (mm) 450x450x615
Appliance weight (kg) 35
Sound pressure level at 1 meter (dBA) 36-45
Sound pressure level at 10 meters (dBA) 19-27
Hydraulic connection (mm) PVC 32 mm
Heat exchanger Serpentine in titanium
Water flow (m³ / h) 2.2
Compressor brand GMCC-Toshiba
Compressor type Single Rotary Inverter
Refrigerant gas R32
Display / remote control Fixed Touch Screen Control
Mode Heating: Eco, Silent, Boost / Cooling: Eco, Silent, Boost / Auto

Dimensions of the Q-Line FI heat pump 7

Dimensioni Pompa di calore QLine FI

Accessories included with the Q-Line FI 7 pool heat pump

Heat pumps for pools Qline Fi


Italian instruction manual

Italian instruction manual Q Line

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