Heat pump for pools Jetline Selection FI 155
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  • Heat pump for pools Jetline Selection FI 155
  • Heat pump for pools Jetline Selection FI 155
  • Heat pump for pools Jetline Selection FI 155

Heat pump for pools Jetline Selection FI 155

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Heat pump for swimming pools up to 80 m³.

Integrated Full Inverter technology to reduce electricity consumption by 35% annually.

Compressor with R32 refrigerant gas.

Equipped with integrated Wi Fi module for use of the heat pump via remote APP.

Jetline Selection FI 155 heat pumps for swimming pools


Always efficient, the new Poolex Jetline Selection Fi and its incomparable quality / price / efficiency ratio, remains a reference among swimming pool heat pumps.

By adhering to all manufacturing standards, the Jetline Selection Fi secures a place on the heat pump podium year after year.

Whether you are building a new pool or renovating it, it is the heat pump of choice. Once your project is done, your new heat pump will surprise you not only with its performance, but also with the fact that you managed to stay within budget. You'll still have enough money to buy a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate!

The Jetline Selection Fi is one of the first Poolex heat pumps to have adopted state-of-the-art Full Inverter technology. With this it has the ability to modulate the speed of the compressor and fan to adapt to the required temperature. This constant regime that avoids any peak translates into a significant reduction in electricity consumption.

By preventing the heat pump from running at full capacity, Full Inverter technology also significantly reduces noise. The Jetline Selection Fi is a silent heat pump.

Thanks to its reversible mode, you can heat your pool in spring and cool it in the hottest hours of summer. It is important to know that algae feel at home in warmer waters.

With its large evaporation surface made of hydrophilic aluminum, the Poolex Jetline Selection Fi works in an outdoor temperature down to -7 ° C.

We can enclose the strengths of the new line of Jetline Selection Fi heat pumps in:

  • Full Inverter mode that allows you to save up to 35% on electricity costs
  • Variable speed compressor and fan
  • Reversible
  • Ultra silent
  • Automatic defrost by cycle inversion
  • Twisted Tech titanium heat exchanger
  • Compatible with salt electrolysis treatment for swimming pools


  1. 2 YEARS on heat pump components
  2. 5 YEARS on compressor
  3. 15 YEARS on titanium exchanger (against corrosion)

Main features of the Jetline Selection Fi 155 pool heat pump

Pompa di calore per piscine Jetline Selection Fi

Inverter mode technology + 35% savings on electricity costs

Do you know the "Cruise Control" in a car? It automatically modulates its performance according to the set speed. This allows you not to vary the engine rpm too much and reduce the risk of excessive fuel consumption.

The same is true with Full Inverter technology. Two main components of the heat pump have the ability to adapt their frequency and speed of operation to real conditions. The Full Inverter Poolex Jetline Selection Fi heat pump modulates its power according to the heating needs. In this way, consumption peaks are avoided and electricity consumption is reduced.

Its fan, in turn, adapts to the effort provided by the compressor. Thanks to these two elements able to modulate their level of operation, your heat pump works in a constant and controlled way. Thus you will benefit from an economical and ultra quiet equipment.

Pompa di calore per piscine Jetline Selection Fi

Very high performance compressor

The Jetline Selection Fi pool heat pump is equipped with a compressor from the renowned Mitsubishi brand.

This rotary inverter compressor works at low speed and avoids any consumption peaks.

Pompa di calore per piscine Jetline Selection Fi

Ultra-light ABS casing

Popular in the hardware and decoration industry, ABS has demonstrated good resistance to external elements without compromising its decorative characteristics.

As a light heat pump, Jetline Selection Fi is easily installed in your technical room.

Pompe di calore per piscine Jetline Selection Fi

Wide choice of powers: from 30 to 110 m³

The technologies that make Jetline Selection Fi transform it into a heat pump capable of meeting the needs of most pool owners.

Equipped with a Rotary Inverter compressor, this model is available in 5 capacities to heat pools from 30 to 110 m³.

Its COP greater than 6, particularly important for high-power heat pumps, also benefits the models in the range intended for small swimming pools. Enjoy all the advantages of an advanced range pump.

Pompe di calore per piscine Jetline Selection Fi

Integrated Wi-Fi connection

As a heat pump, regardless of its capacity, must be just as easy to use, Poolex equips all its heat pumps with Wi Fi functionality. All information displayed on the control panel is also available on your smartphone.

Technical features of the Jetline Selection FI 155 pool heat pump

Model Jetline Selection Fi 155 for pools up to 80 m³
Air 26 °C
Water 26 °C

Thermal Power (kW) 3.77-15.10
Power in Inverter mode (kW) 3.98-11.15
Consumption (kW) 0.33-2.44
Consumption in Inverter mode (kW) 0.33-1.42
COP (coefficient of performance) 6.18-11.13
Air 15°C
Water 26°C
Thermal Power (kW) 2.95-11.80
Power in Inverter mode (kW) 2.95-8.26
Consumption (kW) 0.42-2.57
Consumption in Inverter mode (kW) 0.42-1.50
COP (coefficient of performance) 4.59-7.02

Air 35 °C

Water 27 °C

Cooling power (kW) 3.82-7.08
Consumption (kW) 0.77-2.31
EER (cooling effect) 3.06-4.92

Air 15 °C

Water 26 °C

Mode FIX

Thermal power (kW) 9.66
Consumption (kW) 1.65
COP (coefficient of performance) 5.85
Maximum power (kW) 3.8
Maximum current (A) 16.9
Power supply 220-240 V / 50Hz
Protection IPX4
Heating temperature range 15-40 °C
Cooling temperature range 8-28 °C
Operating range -7 °C - 43 °C
Dimensions of the appliance LxLxA (mm) 950x350x650
Weight of the appliance (kg) 44
Sound pressure level at 1 meter (dBA) 41-50
Sound pressure level at 10 meters (dBA) 23-31
Hydraulic fitting (mm) PVC 50 mm
Heat exchanger Twisted titanium coil
Water flow (m³/h) 5.1
Compressor brand Mitsubishi
Compressor type Single Rotary Inverter
Refrigerant gas R32
Display / remote control Wired backlit LCD control screen
Mode Eco Booster & Eco Silence (Inverter) / Heating / Cooling

Dimensions of the Jetline Selection FI 155 heat pump

Jetline Selection Fi heat pumps for swimming pools

Accessories included with the Jetline Selection FI 155 pool heat pump

Jetline Selection Fi heat pumps for swimming pools


Italian instruction manual

Italian instruction manual Jetline Selection FI

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