Heat pump for pool Poolex Vertigo FI

As for the latest generation heat pump, the VERTIGO FI line aims to be efficient, economical and silent.

Vertigo FI heat pumps combine all the features that have made Poolex ONE FI and Poolex TRILINE FI so successful, and is available in 11 powers ranging from 5.5 to 35 kW of output: this makes it the most wide product of the POOLEX brand. It incorporates Full Inverter technology with multifrequency compressor and variable speed fan that significantly reduce electricity consumption and sound pressure thanks to the soft start function and continuous operation at reduced speed, avoiding consumption peaks.

The Vertigo FI heat pump combines design and cutting-edge technologies. In a vertical form and with upward ventilation that requires a small exhaust area, this heat pump can be installed in a confined space.

Heat pump for pool Poolex Vertigo FI

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