Filters for pools Mediterraneo Top 500
  • Filters for pools Mediterraneo Top 500

Filters for pools Mediterraneo Top 500

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500 mm diameter filter

Selector valve with 1" 1/2 connections

Filtration of approximately 9 m³/h which makes it suitable for pools of 72 m³ in volume (with an average of 8 hours of work per day).

Filters for Mediterraneo Top 500 pools

Main technical characteristics of the Mediterraneo Top filters:

  • Fiberglass coil filter with internal coating in fiberglass and polyester
  • Arm filter
  • Filter body with anti-UV treatment
  • Maximum operating pressure 2.5 kg/cm²
  • Maximum operating temperature 50 °C
  • Internal pipes with sections from Ø 50 to 63 mm
  • 6-way selector valve
  • Glass beaker for visual inspection of filtered water
  • Glued fittings
  • Manometer for monitoring the internal pressure
  • Quick drain cap


The Mediterraneo Top filter series is suitable for use in water filtration systems, in the following installation conditions:

  • Private pools
  • Private pools
  • Private pools

Technical characteristics of the Mediterranean Top 500 filter

  1. Filter diameter of 500 mm
  2. 50mm in/out connections
  3. Lateral selector valve with 1" 1/2 connections
  4. Filtration of about 9 m³/h
  5. Suitable for pools with a volume of 72 m³ (with an average filtration time of around 8 hours per day)
  6. Sand about 59 kg

Dimensions of filters for Mediterraneo Top pools

Filtri per piscine Mediterraneo Top

Ø D (mm) H (mm) B (mm) A (mm) N (mm) M (mm)
500 830 75 592 645 704
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