DAB Euroswim 75 swimming pool pumps
  • DAB Euroswim 75 swimming pool pumps
  • DAB Euroswim 75 swimming pool pumps

DAB Euroswim 75 swimming pool pumps

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21 m³ / h * filtration pumps suitable for 70 m³ pools, with hydraulic connections up to 2 ".

* (with a maximum of 5 meters)

Filtration pumps for swimming pools Dab Euroswim 75


High performance self-priming centrifugal pumps with built-in high capacity prefilter. Motor completely isolated from the water. Extremely silent and highly reliable, developed for the circulation and filtration of water in domestic and residential swimming pools. Also suitable for specific applications that require the handling of aggressive liquids in the fisheries, agriculture and industry sectors.

Technical characteristics of the DAB filtration pump

Pump body in technopolymer reinforced with glass fiber. Transparent pre-filter cover in antioxidant polycarbonate that guarantees constant long-term visibility. Nylon filter. Impeller in technopolymer reinforced with glass fiber designed to guarantee total coverage and isolation of the motor shaft from the pumped liquid. Reinforced technopolymer diffuser. Carbon / aluminum / Aisi 316 mechanical seal. O-ring pump body in NBR reinforced in AISI 316 steel with ring nuts and screws. Butterfly fill and drain plugs that can be removed and reassembled without tools.

Construction characteristics of the motor

Continuous duty 2-pole (S1) asynchronous motor with a wide range of powers, from 0.5 to 3 HP, both single-phase and three-phase. Motor casing in die-cast aluminum with cataphoresis paint to avoid oxidation even in aggressive environments. Support base supplied with rubber feet to reduce vibrations Single-phase version with built-in thermal and current protection and permanent split capacitor (PSC) inside the terminal box for all versions.

DESIGN: This innovative solution combines aesthetics with robust materials highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. FAST AND EASY CONNECTION: 2 "female threaded In and Out connections. HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS: All the components in contact with the liquid are made of polypropylene or noryl with glass fiber. High efficiency impeller with special design to cover and protect the motor shaft. LARGE PREFILTER: It has a large container, up to 6 liters. Motor (suitable up to 60 ° C) with a transparent cover that can be removed without tools and an internal filter that is easy to remove and clean.
ANTI-VIBRATION FEET: The support base guarantees stability and is equipped with rubber feet to reduce vibrations and noise. ENGINE: All metal components are surface treated, to make it suitable for working in environments with high temperatures (up to 50 ° C). With condensate drain holes. The capacitor is internal in the terminal box. Waterproof pads. TERMINAL BOX: Quick and easy line connection, it is completely closed against the motor electricity to avoid any incident entering solid bodies.

Technical details of DAB Euroswim 75 filtration pumps for swimming pools

Recommended for a swimming pool between 40 and 70 m³.

Q= m³/h 0 3 6 9 12 18 21
Q l/min 0 50 100 150 200 300 350
Prevalence (m) 13,8 13,5 13,1 12,4 11,1 7,5 5

Nominal power: 0,75 CV - 0,50 KW

Power supply: 220 V (Single phase)/ 400 V (Three-phase)

Maximum absorption: 1000 W (Single phase)/950 W (Three-Phase)

Absorbed electrical voltage: 5 A (Single phase)/ 3.5-2 (Three-phase)

Maximum noise of 65 dB (A)

Dimensions of Euroswim 75 DAB swimming pool pumps

Measurements in mm

536 242 242 257 265 220 150 351 222 314 11 6,5 2" 2"

2 YEARS warranty

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