Astral Sena 0.50 HP pool pumps
  • Astral Sena 0.50 HP pool pumps

Astral Sena 0.50 HP pool pumps

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Single-phase pool filtration pump with a power of 0.50 HP with a maximum flow rate of 12 m³ / h with a maximum head of 4 meters.

Product Code 25462.

Astral Sena 0.50 HP pool pumps

In the family of Astral Sena pumps, both the maximum amount of water and the low sound reflect the intention to fully satisfy the needs of the private pool and in addition with a seductive design, which is now an unmistakable feature of AstralPool.

We cannot fail to mention their self-suction capacity, greater than 2 meters without valve with base. Furthermore, the Sena pumps are built with technical plastics with a 2 liter capacity prefilter, and have a transparent cap that allows viewing inside the prefilter.

The Sena family is available from 1/3 HP up to 1.25 HP with single-phase motors and from 3/4 up to 1.25 HP in three-phase motors, thus allowing to work at 230 V and 230/400 V with a variation of ± 10% of the nominal voltage, as they include Eurovoltage motors.

Features of Astral SENA filtration pumps for swimming pools

  • Pump screws in stainless steel.
  • Connection fittings for suction and impulsion of 1,5 "for sleeve of Ø 50 mm.
  • Mechanical closure in AISI 316
  • Look for them in Noryl
  • Pump body and diffuser in polypropylene with mineral fill and with glass fiber.
  • Class F insulation and IP 55 motor protection, to work in environments with high humidity and high temperatures
  • Self-suction capacity greater than 2 meters.
  • Standard range at 50Hz, also available at 60Hz.

Low Loudness

The AstralPool Sena pumps work at full efficiency with an excellent sound level for all models, in fact the sound effects perceived in the pool environment are minimized.

Practical Design

The whole range of Astral Sena pumps provides for bayonet closure on the prefilter cap and this allows the pump prefilter to be closed in one movement in 4 different positions. The cross configuration of the prefilter cap means that any tool can be used to open or close. Furthermore, to fix the base to the pump body, a very stable and easy to assemble base was chosen, eliminating the screws.

Composition, dimensions and performance curves of Astral Sena pool pumps

  1. Transparent prefilter cap with bayonet lock. There is no need for a key to open.
  2. Connection fittings for suction and delivery of 1,5 ", for sleeve of Ø 50 mm.
  3. Pre-filter basket to prevent solid elements from entering the hydraulics
  4. Easy-to-open purifier cap
  5. Highly stable pump base
  6. Mechanical closure in AISI 316 steel and fixed part in aluminum oxide
  7. Look for them in Noryl
  8. Bearing prepared to work at high temperatures
  9. Eurotension engine. Class F insulation. IP-55.

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