ArticLine FI heat pumps for swimming pools

For 2021, the Poolex Articline is renewed by adopting Full Inverter technology and sporting an elegant design.

Specially designed to withstand cold weather, the ArticLine FI heat pump is equipped with advanced Full Inverter technology to offer you even greater savings. Thanks to a soft progressive start and continuous operation with reduced capacity to maintain the set temperature, ArticLine can save up to 35% on energy consumption.

The basic philosophy of the Article FI is to solve the problem of heating swimming pools all year round, on 100% of the French territory and on 80% of the European territory. This is why the heat pump is equipped with a 4-way valve and an advanced Toshiba compressor, two essential components of the defrost cycle, used in the refrigeration industry.

All this translates into remarkable performance over a very low temperature range with an optimal COP of about 7.6 which makes the ArticLine FI the ideal heat pump for mountainous areas or with extreme climatic conditions. The swimming pool becomes an attraction all year round, whatever the outside temperature, down to -25 ° C.

Convinced of the reliability of the Premium range, we have extended the warranty to 3 years.

ArticLine FI heat pumps for swimming pools

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ArticLine FI heat pump for pools

ArticLine Fi swimming pool heat pumps SUITABLE FOR POOLS UP TO 80 m³ The ArticLine Fi heat pump is reborn in a sleek new design for the 2024 line! Designed specifically for areas with a cold...

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